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Rolling Ridge Maple Products offers a range of exclusive Maple products at affordable prices. We pride ourself on providing high quality products and offer a quality guarantee on all items.


Small or large, your request will be met with individualized attention. Contact us and discover all we have to offer.


Maple Syrup

250mL (Glass or Jug)                    $6.50

500mL (Glass or Jug)                    $11.00

1L Jug                                         $19.00

2L Jug                                         $32.00

4L Jug                                         $58.00


Maple Butter

500g Tub                                     $13.00

(Please note that there is no dairy in our Maple Butter.

It is simply a spreadable form of our syrup.)


Maple Cotton Candy

(Available only at Sugar Shack)

Bag                                            $4.00


Maple Sugar

Bag of 5                                    $4.95



**All syrup is graded by color and has the same sugar content.**

Rolling Ridge is moving to the new grading system. 
Syrup will be available in Ontario Grade A Amber, Dark and Very Dark 

Where to Find Us:

Rolling Ridge Maple Products

22681 Vanneck Rd, Ilderton Ontario

Phone: (519) 666-3257


Year Round Locations:

Please Call Ahead!


23794 Nairn Rd

(519) 666-2238


12688 Eight Mile Rd

(519) 666-1204

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